spaceIf your school has been adopted, or you are interested in signing up your school to be eligible for spaceadoption, check out this list of steps below. 

Sign up to be on the list of Adoptable Schools 

Request to be adopted directly through the form below or through your Local United Way. 

Sponsor Match

We will notify you right away when we have matched your school with a sponsor! Once the sponsor has been secured, we will send you an award letter to bring Club Connect and the Reading Oasis to your school.

Create plan and timeline:

Choose the location for the Reading Oasis installation, visualize all the exciting ways the space will be used within the school and select a date for the Opening Ceremony! 

Prepare for the Installation:

Work with Club Connect, United Way and the sponsor to determine the best way to set up the Reading Oasis. Everyone can be involved in the installation process based on the preference of each partner.  The materials take 8-10 weeks to arrive and Club Connect memberships can be distributed as soon as 1 week after the materials are ordered.

Install Reading Oasis and Celebrate:

Assemble book shelves and set up the Reading Oasis in the school. Open the Reading Oasis with a Celebration event that includes students, parents and recognition of the sponsor to demonstrate the excitement and opportunities that the Reading Oasis and Club Connect will provide!


Interested in getting your school adopted or just learning more?  Send us your contact information through the form below and one of our team members will be in touch.