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We are so excited about being sponsored for the Club Connect program because our community doesn't have the necessary resources for their children to be able to be exposed to a print-rich environment. Our students will now have an abundance of books and materials that they can read during the school day.
-- Janet Olivera, Principal, Sweetwater Elementary School, Florida

If you are a company or an organization, or an individual there is a possibility that you can become quite engaged.  16253920509_8204032ec5_oWe will get to participate in not only the setting up of the Oasis, but we'll be able to come and engage and read with the children throughout the year. We can host family gatherings and reading events with parents and children. If you are fortunate enough to sponsor an opportunity like this, this is your turn to give back to your community.

-- David Fennelly, Director, Associated Terminals and Turn Services, Sponsor of 7 Schools in Louisiana

The Reading Oasis in our school has done a wonderful thing for our kids. We are able to get books in kid's hands more often, books that they are choosing to read, that they are wanting to read. Our teachers have utilized the program and our parents have come in to utilize the area as well. We have actually developed a relationship with both United Way and our corporate sponsors.

15817599664_508aaf42a3_oThey have come in, they have set everything up-- there was literally no work on our part except for scheduling teachers to come in and utilize the area. And it has truly been a positive impact on our kids and their reading environment. 

-- Jennifer Myles, Assistant Principal Pittman Elementary Louisiana

Giving almost 500 new books to a deserving school, along with a welcoming place to read, is part of what we can do for children whose families are struggling to get by. Books and the online reading support that comes with United Way Club Connect can help equip our children with tools for success for school, work and life.

--Mike Hayde, CEO of Western National Group and Chairman of the United Way Worldwide Leadership Council, donated $150,000 to bring Club Connect to 15 schools in California.